Admissions Process/Testing

Kindergarten Admission

Families who are interested in KC’s kindergarten program should attend Kids Connection Information Night in January. That night is designed to provide an overview of the program, discuss admission requirements, and answer any questions from prospective families. Testing for admission into the kindergarten program is held during February. The opportunity to test is open to all children of kindergarten age, regardless of what preschool they have attended. Kindergarten age means that the child typically will turn 5 years old on or before December 2nd of his/her kindergarten year. Children that have not attended Kids Connection Preschool are required to be evaluated prior to acceptance into our kindergarten program.  This is a three part process.

  • Up to Ten children at a time are given a paper and pencil test designed to enable us to determine the level of a pupil’s achievement in relation to a specific set of objectives.  This will provide information to determine which students are ready for Kids Connection’s Kindergarten.  Part of this evaluation is demonstrating the ability to come into the testing room independently.  Parents may not stay in the classroom with their child.  The evaluation lasts for approximately one hour.  Children are evaluated on their behavior, listening skills, cooperation, maturity, and focus during the testing.

    Areas of testing include:

    • Vocabulary – General Terms, Positional and Comparative Terms
    • Visual discrimination
    • Auditory discrimination
    • Classification
    • Rhyme
    • Alphabet Recognition (Capital and Lower Case)
    • Riddles
    • Sequence
    • Sound Letter association
    • Picture-Word Association
    • Letter Formation (Capital and Lower Case)
    • Spelling
    • Small Muscle Coordination

    View details on Kindergarten Readiness at Kids Connection.

  • Your child’s present preschool teacher will be asked to fill out a form evaluating your child’s behavior, academic achievement, emotional maturity, and physical development (large and small muscle coordination).  We need your authorization to have this information released.
  • We ask that parents write a statement telling us what you are looking for in a kindergarten program and why you think Kids Connection is the appropriate match for your child.

Non-Kindergarten Admission

Admission to all grades is contingent upon successfully completing the entrance evaluation. Prospective students will spend part of the day with their current grade level to assess how they participate in class activities and assignments.

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Kids Connection accepts applications through Ravenna Solutions,
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