Admissions Process/Testing

Kindergarten Admission

Families who are interested in KC’s kindergarten program should attend Kids Connection Information Night in January. That night is designed to provide an overview of the program, discuss admission requirements, and answer any questions from prospective families. Testing for admission into the kindergarten program is held during February. The opportunity to test is open to all children of kindergarten age, regardless of what preschool they have attended. Kindergarten age means that the child typically will turn 5 years old on or before December 2nd of his/her kindergarten year. Admission is based on the child’s test scores, the child’s behavior and readiness for our accelerated program, an evaluation from his/her current preschool teacher, and a parent statement. Kids Connection will test children who are born after this date to determine if they are ready for kindergarten.

Non-Kindergarten Admission

Admission to all grades is contingent upon successfully completing the entrance evaluation. Prospective students will spend part of the day with their current grade level to assess how they participate in class activities and assignments.