Elementary School Enrichment Programs

At Kids Connection, we feel that an integral part of quality education comes from exposing students to enrichment opportunities. We strive to offer after school classes that not only teach children a new skill or concept but also encourage them to learn in new and different ways. We are proud to provide many different enrichment opportunities and know that no matter what your child is interested in, we have something he or she will love. The programs below are optional and are offered at an additional fee.

Registration for these classes can be completed in person. If you have any questions about these classes, please call 650-578-6691 or e-mail Nancy Barbi.

Fall 2016 Enrichment Classes


Chess (K-5th)

Chess Wizards is one of the largest chess academies in the nation, with hundreds of programs at schools and park districts. Chess Wizards is offering specially designed after school classes that cater to all levels of chess ability. Each child is challenged by fun games and lessons from real Wizard teachers. We run a number of tournaments, school matches, and winter/summer camps to challenge our students. It is proven that chess enhances cognitive development in children, improves both verbal and mathematical skills, and increases all levels of academic performance! Playing chess stimulates the mind and helps children strengthen skills such as focusing, visualizing goals, abstract thinking, and forming concrete opinions.

TechKnowHow Python Programming (4th-5th)

The curriculum covers functions, variables, loops, strings, and more in the context of students creating word and guessing games, art, and animations. See how much fun coding can be! Each student will have a laptop to use and will bring home his/her projects at the end of the session to be played on a Windows-based PC.


Fun with French (3rd -4th)

Pack a bag full of French phrases to use on the next trip to France. The students will learn the language of “La Belle France”, along with its culture, through songs, dance, and food. Come join the fun!

Spanish (K-5th)

Hola a todos! Bienvenidos a clase de Espanol. In this class, the students will be immersed in both basic and conversational Spanish. Through this, students will participate in the language, learn about the cultural background, music, food projects, and much more.


Computer Typing (K-5th)

A child’s early development of proper touch typing skills will create good habits that will give them the ability to type accurately and with increasing speed. Using fun and exciting software, students will learn the proper hand position and practice good typing skills. They will be able to memorize keys and minimize errors. Imagine how much quicker they can type up those reports!

Learn to Knit (2nd-5th)

Students will learn all the basics of traditional knitting like casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, binding off, and much more. Children that do know these basics will begin learning new stitches and techniques based on their level of experience.

Reading Rockets (1st-2nd)

This reading club helps to promote motivation for students to read and to increase their literacy skills. The program is centered around guided read alouds, partner readings, group discussions,  and related activities that go along with the book of the week. This enrichment will help students find enjoyment in reading, enhance their vocabulary, and help them to express their ideas.

Scribble Me Happy- Polymer Clay (1st-5th)

This class will give you a general introduction to polymer clay. You will learn some basic techniques such as blending, conditioning, mixing, slicing, sanding, and buffing. Along the way, you will make several different polymer clay accessories, figures, and more.

TechKnowHow Creative Robotics (1st-3rd)

Students use both LEGO® WeDo® and MIT’s Scratch® software to create programs which are downloaded to their projects. The curriculum covers simple machines, sensors, programming logic, how a computer controls robots, and how robots can control a computer.

The Book Club (K)

Discover a whole new world and love of reading! Our reading bugs will love unlocking the key to their imagination from Dr. Seuss to Eric Carle with books, connections, chit chat, and fun activities! A book will be included.

Vocal Class (K-5th)

Students will learn vocal technique including correct breathing, vocal range increase and projection, which transcends to any style of singing including Pop, Bollywood, Indian Classical Music, Disney, and Broadway.


Growfit (K- 5th)

Boys and Girls will learn fundamentals of basketball (dribbling, passing, and shooting) through a series of challenges. During each class, they will participate in individual, small, and large group activities that will teach them the key basketball skills and sportsmanship. Growfit welcomes children of all athletic abilities.