At Kids Connection, we believe that a home-school partnership is vital to the success of our students. Children who have strong connections with both teachers and parents are the most likely to lead happy and productive lives. We can be even more confident about our children’s success if we (school and home) stay connected with each other as well as with our children. That is why here at Kids Connection, we focus so much on working together to raise our children.

Evidence of this partnership is found throughout the school in the multitude of positive parent-teacher conferences where parents and teachers sit together and plan the steps in each student’s learning process, in the parents who cheerfully volunteer to accompany our students on field trips, and parents who serve on committees to make our wonderful classroom and school-wide events happen, and in all of the parents who oversee and encourage children as they work on their homework projects.

Children grow in confidence and motivation when they see that their parents and their teachers are united in encouraging and believing in them. We would not be the school we are without this firm and mutual commitment between school and home working together.