Safety & Security

At Kids Connection, the safety and security of our students is our first priority.

We take great care to ensure that we hire the best teachers and give them the ongoing training to ensure that they are always ready to handle any situation. All of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified.  Throughout the year, we perform regular fire and earthquake drills, as well as other scenario trainings during our staff meetings and training sessions.

As a safety precaution, all doors to the building are kept locked at all times. Entrance to the building should be through the street side of the building. There is someone at the front desk at all times who can give authorized individuals entrance into the school. Fob keys are available for families for their convenience, which allow them access through the parking lot side.  The entire school and property has cameras that are monitored by the front desk.

As a school, we work closely with the local emergency personnel to ensure that the trainings we provide and improvements to the school enforce our commitment to the safety and security of our families, staff, and students.