Our Preschool

Our Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum for two, three, and four-year olds. We plan and implement our lessons with attention to the different needs and interests of the children and provide for all areas of their development: physical, social, and emotional.

As Early Childhood professionals, our teachers strive to provide many challenging opportunities using age-appropriate materials in a safe and nurturing environment. Our curriculum provides play-based programs through which the children become the explorers, discoverers, problem solvers, and inventors of tomorrow.

Our Preschool Program has three components, based on your child’s age:


Two Year-Old Program – A child’s first experience in learning should be positive, exciting and challenging. At Kids Connection children are introduced to a variety of early learning activities that allows them to express feelings and direct their energies in a positive way. Children are also exposed to letters, numbers, shapes and colors. It is our goal that by the end of the year children will be able to recognize their names. Children are not required to be toilet trained in this program.

The Playschool Program is structured each day around a simple routine:

  • Free play in curriculum centers
  • Introduction to table activities
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle time activities for social interaction
  • Introduction to children’s literature, music, and movement
  • Art exploration
  • Introduction to structured curriculum activities

The Playschool teacher-student ratio is a maximum of 1:8.
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Nursery School

Three Year-Old Program – In the Three Year-Old Program, children are capable and ready to learn a sense of independence, language development, cooperative play, problem-solving, and creative exploration in a secure and caring environment. We foster self-esteem and positive interaction with teachers and peers. In this program, we also introduce phonics through a “Zoo Phonics” program. Children will also be learning how to write their names. Children must be completely independent with their bathroom needs prior to entering this program.

The program is structured daily around a simple routine which incorporates a variety of curriculum activities. We plan and implement for all facets of children’s early learning in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.

Children can explore their interests by independently selecting activities throughout the classroom in the different curriculum centers:

  • Building block and  floor toy area
  • Table activities with manipulatives
  • House corner/dramatic play toys
  • Library corner
  • Science center
  • Art station
  • Music center

The Nursery School teacher-student ratio is a maximum of 1:10.
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Four-Five Year-Old Program – At this time, children’s critical thinking skills are emerging and they are developing a readiness for Kindergarten.  A developmental curriculum of music and movement, art, literature, language arts, science, social studies, and pre-math is provided which will encourage children to reach their fullest potential.  We feel that we must develop the total child through a varied and stimulating program in a safe and nurturing environment.  In the Pre- Kindergarten Program, many concepts needed for kindergarten readiness are introduced and extended using developmentally appropriate practices such as:

  • Colors: recognize and identify
  • Shapes: recognize and identify
  • Alphabet: recite and recognize upper & lower case letters; practice writing letters; introduce letter sounds
  • Numbers: counting 0 to 30; number recognition; pre-math concepts such as 1:1 correspondence, conservation, etc.; writing numbers
  • Rhyming: introduce and reinforce the concept of rhyming
  • Patterning: copying simple patterns
  • Sequencing: what happens first, what comes next, etc.
  • Spatial concepts & themes
  • Literature: comprehension and appreciation
  • Simple problem solving & and critical thinking skills
  • Visual discrimination
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Names: first and last name recognition; printing names; spelling names
  • Board games
  • Memory games

The Pre-Kindergarten teacher-student ratio is a maximum of 1:10.
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