Kids Connection has been a loving and nurturing environment for my two daughters. My oldest daughter went through preschool and graduated from kindergarten. My youngest daughter was able to go to Kids Connection Preschool for one year before we moved out of state for a new opportunity. Since experiencing a new private school, I have truly missed the enrichment programs, teachers, staff, and administration. The professionalism and open communication is an A+.

When my oldest daughter tested into her new school, she was placed at a second grade level. When she took the official national test (2 months later), she scored top 1% nationally compared to other students around the country her same age/grade, and she is reading at a 5th grade level. The tools that she learned at Kids Connection have helped her succeed at her new school and will help her succeed in everything she does in life.

My wish, open more schools – especially in my area.

– Tauri (2016)

My daughter has attended Kids Connection preschool since 2012. She is currently in the pre-K class, and we love the school. Her teachers have been wonderful, and she has learned a lot since we switched to Kids Connection. Her vocabulary has really grown, she is reading short words, and she does simple addition/subtraction. I think that’s great for recently turning four years old! They also do many crafts projects, go on field trips, and have special occasion events like an upcoming class Valentine’s Day snack party. I take my daughter to school, and her teachers are completely approachable and amenable to helping with any type of reinforcement that is needed. The staff is equally accommodating, and everyone seems very happy at the school – teachers, staff, students, and parents!

Another quality that I value in Kids Connection is how completely transparent and honest the staff is – in both the preschool and elementary schools. I’ve toured other schools that seem to withhold information about their teachers, have a very specific tour schedule when everyone is at their best, and they don’t want you to drop-in unannounced. At Kids Connection, I have observed classes, emailed with questions, randomly shown up for something, and the staff has always been totally open and helpful. It makes me feel good to know that my child is in this type of environment.

My daughter will attend the elementary school in September, and we look forward to continuing her excellent education in Kindergarten.

– Joanne (2014)

I attended Kids Connection for Preschool-5th grade and graduated from 5th grade in 2001. I know that Kids Connection provided me with a strong foundation that has helped me throughout my academic career. Currently I am a first year medical student at Temple University in Pennsylvania. Thank you.

– Anna (2014)

The Preschool is great! The place is under new ownership so a lot of the reviews are of the old Director who is no longer there. I have nothing bad to say about this place. My son loves it there, teachers are great, and the staff is always happy. Definitely a great choice in the Foster City area. I highly recommend it.

– P.L. (2014)

My little boy recently started the preschool and is having a WONDERFUL time! I was nervous about starting him at school, but the teachers and staff were so loving and attentive with him. He runs right into class and is happy to settle in and start playing. He is in the two-year old class and is just flourishing. Each week has a theme, and they actually do special artwork and projects related to the theme. His recognition of shapes has surprised me (oval!), and he is now talking about colors and numbers. There is both free time to play both inside and out, as well as structured circle time, crafts, and stories. We’ve attended two other preschools in the area with my older children and have been very happy with the quality of this program, but more importantly the kindness and love the teachers show our precious boy.

– Ma P. (2014)

My son joined the preschool attending 2 full time days . We are happy the way he has been treated and noticed a remarkable improvement in him. I am grateful to Tina and Stephanie for being so nice with my son. We decided to convert full time here. Before, my son used to go to a play based daycare (complete play based), and the problem is it’s not good at this age (2+) to be outside and play for whole day .Their structured program and way of dealing with kids at age 2 classroom is very impressive and satisfying for us. We are happy.

– D.R. (2013)

My daughter attended the preschool and LOVED it here. I felt her teachers really had a genuine interest in her well being and worked with her as an individual, and all of her needs were met. I will say- since the change in the Director, it has felt more cohesive and warm.

Many good changes this past year.

Just an example of dedication… My daughter loves Miss Caroline who went to teach at the elementary, but she was her favorite teacher. We left because we were moving out of the area, and Miss Caroline came across from the other school on my kid’s last day to spend some time with her because of the connection they had. As a parent, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. I’m sure she had to get her class covered too. Super impressed with her AND all the staff at KC.

– K.S. (2013)

Went to the school’s potluck dinner tonight with a friend of mine whose son goes to the preschool there. I was amazed by its campus decoration (absolutely fantastic mural of African Safari in the hallway) and how friendly the teachers and staff are. My friend speaks highly of the school, and she is very proud of her decision. I was chatting with a lot of parents, and they were all very happy with the school.

– Elle V. (2013)

My wife and I researched and visited many schools in the Foster City and San Mateo area for our daughter before deciding on Kids Connection. Reputation, academics, accolades, cost, and location were all on our priority list. Kids Connection met all our needs but so did a few other schools that we reviewed. What set them apart was the immediate connection we had with the staff. Everyone was friendly, warm, and made us feel like this would be the right choice for our daughter.

Almost a year late, we have not regretted our decision in the least. We love everything about this school. Mrs. Quinn and Ms. Stephanie are phenomenal teachers. We are impressed with the level of excitement and enthusiasm that they bring to the classroom and instill in the kids. The curriculum they set is not only educational, but also fun and creative. The administrative staff is attentive and accommodating.

Overall, we are extremely happy with Kids Connection and highly recommend them to any parent looking for a well-rounded, academic, fun, and caring environment for their children.

– Sydney and Christina (2013)

Our daughter has been attending Kids Connection preschool since January. We are very pleased to see her enjoyment & excitement about the school. She loves both of her teachers and talks about her friends often.

What attracted me first was the play-based program, but I certainly don’t mind the academic aspect of it. She sings the “Days of the Week” & “Months of the year” perfectly. She is 2 years old!

We definitely recommend Kids Connection to all of our friends & family.

– Afshin & Maya Ghaneh (2013)

Our son was a very shy kid before he went to KC. KC gave him a good academic platform and a great social environment. It is a really great experience for my son as he moves along with every one in his class. They not only emphasize learning but also on building a confident, positive attitude. The classes keep him engaged, motivated every day. The teachers are talented, caring, and they give special attention to each and every kid. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone who wants their kid to start school. I am just happy that I found KC.

– Geetha (2013)

I was extremely impressed by Keira’s teachers. Please let them know that they are doing a great job keeping the atmosphere energized, organized, and entertaining for the kids. More importantly, they left me with the impression that they care for our children very much, which leaves me with less distraction throughout the day. We appreciate the hard work done by all of you.

– Carlo Lazzerini (2013)

When we moved to the Bay Area from Ohio, it was very important for us to find a preschool with the right supporting environment that would help our daughter in this transition and we could feel well about taking our child. We found very warm, caring and welcoming teachers in Kids Connection as well as a fun and international atmosphere that promoted learning and development of social skills. Our children are the most important things in our lives, so having confidence and peace of mind that they are getting the right education is crucial.

– Catalina and Gunther Velazquez (2013)

At Kids Connection, my daughter had her first exposure to pre-school. After 2 years, she continues to have a wonderful time and loves her school! The teachers are wonderful and nurturing. There is a good focus on education while allowing for lots of fun. I love all the art projects that my daughter brings home. Overall, a great experience!

– Priya Balachandran (2013)

We have seen our daughter grow into a bright, inquisitive, creative, social, and caring little girl during her time at Kids Connection. The program does a nice job of building the curriculum on top of the previous years’ foundation, preparing the kids well to move to the next level. We largely attribute this to the wonderful and experienced teachers who clearly care so much about our kids. This is the third year at Kids Connection and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to have our daughter here during these formative years!

– Michael & Kamini Cormier (2013)

I have been meaning to write to you and tell you how pleased we are with Kids Connection Preschool and that we feel blessed that Emaan is surrounded by such caring, experienced, and loving teachers.

Emaan has improved dramatically in multiple areas of development, in particular, we are impressed by her grasp on how to communicate her feelings (as you know she struggled with this, because of her delay in speech), her ability to be polite in tough situations (example saying, “No, thank you” without becoming aggressive), her general demeanor is moving towards a more calmer state, and that is very important as she suffers from many food allergies and goes through a lot of physical discomfort due to her sensitive system.

Although I thought it might be challenging for the staff to accommodate Emaan’s allergies, we are very happy with how well the teachers and administration take good care of Emaan. It is so difficult to leave a child in someone else’s care especially knowing that the child is prone to sickness, and I trust your school from experience.

I take every chance I get to promote the school to potential students. Thank you for all of your efforts.

– Mahnaz (2012/2013)

I have been with Kids Connection School for more than six years since my son started Preschool. I appreciate the care and education that the school gave to both of them. I strongly recommend all five stars in all the areas, not only on academia, but also kids’ mental and maturity development and habits.

– G. Guo

August 2012 will be the conclusion of our time at Kids Connection Preschool, and it will be the end of an amazing 5-year relationship with Kids Connection Preschool. Both of our daughters have gone through the Nursery (3’s) and Pre-K Programs at Kid’s Connection, and to say we are pleased with the curriculum and nurturing environment would be an understatement. Our relationship began in June 2007 when our oldest daughter started Summer School, and continued through both the 3-year old and Pre-K programs. Our teachers were wonderful (thank you Mrs. Quinn (3’s), Mrs. Bianchi, and Miss Clemons (Pre-K)) and worked diligently to prepare her for each step. By the time our oldest started kindergarten, the first semester was a “review” for her since she had learned most everything she needed in the Pre-K program, and could focus on the social aspects of her new school and not fret about academics. She transitioned beautifully, and we are grateful to the program in place at the preschool for preparing her for Kindergarten. We had a year off between our oldest graduating and our youngest starting in the 3’s program. When we returned, it felt like we had never left. The staff was so welcoming, and it truly felt like it was coming home. We were fortunate enough to have some of the same great teachers (plus Miss Stephanie (3’s) and Mrs. Stegmann (3’s and Pre-K) for our youngest daughter, and now, she is ready for kindergarten.

The programs in place at the school are crafted toward the child’s development and age – in the 3’s, they’re learning basics (counting, alphabet, colors, and oh so much singing!) and the social skills they need once they “move upstairs” (the Pre-K) program’s location). It’s a very big deal when they “go upstairs” to the Pre-K program: It’s a completely different environment from downstairs, as it should be. This is the child’s prep for kindergarten, the curriculum, and the classroom environment are much more like kindergarten will be. They learn patterning, sequencing, and counting to 100 (this is a very big deal!), and so much more. They also learn how to behave and interact in a more formal environment. The school’s reputation for academics is not understated – when your child leaves the Pre-K program, he/she is truly ready for kindergarten.

We have recommended the school to so many of our friends, co-workers, and fellow day care parents, and not one parent has ever expressed dissatisfaction with the school. My husband was also deployed to Afghanistan for most of our youngest daughter’s pre-K year, and the teachers and administrators were amazing in providing support and communicating feedback while he was gone. If we hadn’t been part of the KC family, I think it would have been so much harder for our daughter (and me). We were so very fortunate to be part of Kid’s Connection Preschool, and will miss our KC family come August.

– KC Parent (2012)