Summer Program

Summer is a very exciting time at Kids Connection Preschool! During our summer program, we continue to reinforce the academic skills that the children have learned, but also incorporate additional art, drama, sports, special events, and field trips. The children have a lot of fun and continue to get ready for the next school year. Each week is thematic and exciting. In all age groups, we have new, fun summer themes and activities. These include water play, and we even have picnics with our parents! We also will have exciting family events outside of school hours such as potlucks and movie nights!

The Pre-K Program sees the greatest change in the summer. The children at this point are getting ready to move on to kindergarten, and we want to give them greater exposure to a wide variety of areas to make the summer even more exciting. In addition to the events described above, we add additional science, cooking, arts and crafts, special visitors, field trips, and events throughout the summer to coincide with our exciting new themes!

Kids Connection Preschool’s core program is one that is centered around play, creativity, and nurturing your child’s budding passion for learning. This does not stop in the summer, but rather we take it up a notch and give the children even more exposure to opportunities to learn and explore.