• We are licensed to take children as soon as they turn 2. We offer rolling admission during the year, based on availability. Therefore, your child can start on or after his/her second birthday.

  • No! Children in our Little Explorers program do not need to be toilet trained to start at Kids Connection. We work closely with our families to identify the right time to begin toilet learning, in order to create consistency between the methods used at home and in school. We find that this leads to greater success for each of our students.

    Children in the Early Learners and Pre-Kindergarten programs are required to be independently toilet trained prior to starting in these programs. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have on where your child falls in his/her development.

  • At Kids Connection, we are a play based program that is teacher directed, yet student focused. We believe that children learn through play, and that strong academic and social/emotional growth begins with a strong love of learning. At the preschool level, children learn different concepts through hands on activities and a range of experiences focused on exposing them to the concepts that lead to the accelerated academics that they will find as they move into our elementary program.

    In the almost 30 years that Kids Connection has been open, we have developed our curriculum using the best aspects of different philosophies to create an ideal environment for each of our students. The smaller class sizes, with larger center resources, allows us to customize our program to provide our students the very best. In addition, we have an established curriculum that ensures that the students in each class are given the opportunity to succeed to the same level.  We hire the very best teachers and give them the freedom to bring their creativity and experience to their classrooms. Each classroom is thus unique, which leads to more engaged teachers and a much more invigorating environment for our students. See here for more information about each of our programs.

  • Little Explorers: 1:8
    Early Learners and Pre-K: 1:10

    We believe in keeping our class sizes below the allowable limits in order to provide opportunities for our students to have more individualized care and instruction, while also allowing our students ample opportunities to socialize with their peers.

  • Kids Connection offers healthy snacks for our students.  The tuition includes morning snacks for all students and afternoon snacks for our full-time students.  We have a strong commitment to the health of our students and to help them to build healthy habits.  All snacks provided include fruits and vegetables, additional items, and milk or water.

    We also offer ChoiceLunch for families that would like to purchase a hot lunch for their child. They offer a variety of different options each day, with flexible purchase options available.  Families are also welcome to pack a lunch for their child.

  • Yes, Kids Connection Preschool is nut-free. We take great care to ensure all of our students are able to come to a safe school.

  • At Kids Connection, we have an open-door policy for our parents.  We welcome you to come any time to see how your child is doing in class. You are always welcome to come and pop in on the class, or we have cameras at the front desk for your observation.  This tends to be a good option for children who may have a hard time separating from their parents.  Either way, we welcome parents to come anytime.  We also have opportunities for those that are interested to volunteer at school.

  • We strive to keep the number of days off per year to a minimum as we understand it can be a burden on working families.  We only take 2 longer breaks each year. We are closed for the week between Christmas and New Year’s and the week prior to Labor Day. Other than that, we only have a small number of sporadic holidays throughout the year.  See here for our calendar.

  • No. Although we have 2 buildings, Kids Connection is all one school. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed to flow automatically into our kindergarten.  The children who we have had in our school are ready to take on the challenge of our kindergarten and therefore automatically would be eligible to continue. We open enrollment for the elementary school in early January for Pre-K students. Families have until the end of February to secure their child’s spot before we open any remaining spots to outsiders. Click here to read more about our Elementary Program.

  • Contact us to schedule a tour today!