Preschool Teachers

Preschool Library Kids Connection Preschool we ensure that our teachers meet and exceed all standards required under by the Department of Social Services (DSS), who we are licensed through. All teachers have their required Early Childhood Education units and we further require that they take additional courses to ensure that they are constantly learning and growing their skills. During our interview process we require that all teachers do a sample lesson to ensure that their teaching style, experience and demeanor meets our high standards so that all children at Kids Connection receive the best experience possible. We believe that hiring the best, and then providing them the resources to continue their growth is the way we are able to provide the very best for your children.

All staff at our Preschool are certified in both Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid, which is more than is required by licensing. The safety of the children in our care is the single most important responsibility we have and one that we take exceptionally seriously.

The Department of Social Services performs periodic surprise inspections to ensure that we are following all of the guidelines of our license. This inspection includes a review of employee files to ensure compliance. We consistently impress the evaluators with our attention to detail, the importance we place on safety and meeting, and exceeding, all guidelines. It is for this reason that we have received a perfect score during our last inspection. A copy of this certificate is available at our front desk, and directly through the Department of Social Services.